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How Volt works
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How Volt works


Article I - LEGAL GUARANTEE The seller the obligation to guarantee the buyer against hidden defects of the sold item, according to Article 1641 of the Civil Code.
This warranty is in addition to the contractual guarantee.
Article II - PURPOSE OF THE CONTRACT WARRANTY The warranty covers parts used below: Engine, Transmission, Transmission, Compressor
Air Conditioning, Alternator (retailed) starter (retailed) Injection pump (Retail).
Article III - DURATION The engines and gearboxes are subject to a contractual guarantee of 3 months from the invoice date, transmissions, alternators, starters, injection pumps are subject to a guarantee 3 months from the purchase date on the invoice or receipt.
Article IV - CUSTOMER INFORMATION The implementation conditions of this warranty described below are displayed in the reception area of the company and a copy may be obtained on request.
1 / For the warranty applies the assembly of all parts must comply with manufacturer standards and performed by an automotive professional. It is up to the latter to make adjustments in the rules of art. The guarantee will be by way of exchange within the limit of available stock. In no case the warranty will cover the cost of removal is based, ingredients, accessories, port, troubleshooting, asset and vehicle rental. In case of impossibility of exchange, the seller will refund the room. Any intervention on the part, incorrect installation or failure to focus obstructs the implementation of the guarantee.
2 / The warranty covers the French territory and concerns the material sold reconditioned or used. In the case of repairs to the gearbox or engine from a client, only specifically named on the invoice as having been replaced parts are covered by the warranty.
3 / The equipment is guaranteed only under the conditions set out in Article 1643 of the Civil Code, for a period of six months from the date of sale for the reconditioned equipment and 3 months for the used material. It follows that the company PIECES OCCAZ guarantee the equipment sold only against hidden defects. The equipment is guaranteed for the period specified above from the date of invoice, subject to the effective payment of invoiced room.
4 / To take advantage of these provisions, the purchaser must notify the company PIECES OCCAZ in writing within two weeks after installation on the vehicle of defects attributed to the equipment and provide all justifications when the reality of those -C. Purchase invoices and those of the installation by a professional
important and must be provided. The non-provision of these elements will void the warranty.
5 / The Company PIECES OCCAZ alone may enforce the warranty. 6 / The company PIECES OCCAZ alone is authorized to act on the material without the written consent from him. In case of non-compliance with this clause, the benefit of the guarantee would be lost.
Article VI - SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF EXECUTION OF WARRANTY Field of application and the specific conditions for implementing compliance with recommendations made by the seller obstructs the implementation of the guarantee.
1 / For engines Warranty applies on bare engine. Related parts are left free of charge; so they are unsecured. Before assembly, the buyer must control circuits: water, oil, air, fuel. Some accessories must be systematically replaced by other, new in original parts: oil filters, air, fuel, spark plugs or glow. distribution kit (belt or roller). Alternator belt and water pump. Products: liquid coolant and oils. Check circuit breather (hose, capsule, filter), although verify compliance and cleanliness hoses. For turbocharged replace the heat exchanger and clean the whole circuit. Check operation of witnesses oil pressure and water temperature on the dashboard. Also control the glow plugs and replace if necessary. Check and replace if necessary hoses, calorstat and heater.
Make development of the igniter, carburetor and advance with the manufacturer. Make a control rocker and the injectors and adjust if necessary. For diesel engines, check the correct setting of the injection pump. Before startup to run the engine a few moments with the coil wire disconnected or the injection pump not powered to initiate the oil pump. Any abnormality in the cylinder head gasket must be reported in writing within 15 days after the purchase of the motor. After this time, no claim will be recorded. The warranty applies if the engine oil consumption exceeds that specified by the manufacturer. Any mounting of a used engine requires a reset of the electronic part of the vehicle from the manufacturer with the material of the brand.
2 / For gearboxes, transfer and back decks Peripheral parts are left free of charge and can not benefit from the guarantee. Some accessories must be systematically replaced by other, new - the spinnaker output transmission seals, - the oil of a quality specified by the manufacturer. Any mounting of a used gearbox requires a reset of the electronic part of the vehicle from the manufacturer with the material of the brand.
3 / For transmissions: Transmission bellows are not guaranteed.
4 / For alternators and starters: Before assembly, the buyer must check the electrical circuits
5 / For injection pumps: Devices pieces are left free of charge and can not benefit from the guarantee. Before assembly, the buyer must check the fuel system.
6 / To the rear trains, bridges, axles are guaranteed for 3 months guaranteed unfolded: The Silent block and rubber are not guaranteed.
Article VII - CASES NOT GUARANTEED cases from a defect or unsuitability of another part of the vehicle; for use of the room outside the purpose intended by the manufacturer; for use of the room outside the purpose intended by the manufacturer; modification or adaptation of the play or any other piece of unauthorized vehicle or not provided by the manufacturer; abnormal use or a failure to comply with the recommendations of vehicle maintenance or accidental damage.
Article VIII - MAIL You have fourteen (14) business days provided by law from the date of receipt of your package to return the product that does not suit you. Inform us by phone 0033 362 725 800 (standard rate number) to return the item in its original packaging intact, all in a new cardboard shipping costs to and will be entirely your responsibility. If the item is returned incomplete or damaged, PIECES OCCAZ may refuse to refund or apply a discount depending on the diagnosis made by the after sales PIECES OCCAZ. All refunds will be made by check or bank transfer. Only valid for individual consumers, not professionals.
We deduct 30% of the price of the room for the service for disassembly.
Example: shaft
Part sold € 150 + postage / packaging € 15 = 165 € TTC
Refund € 105 !! € 165 € -15 (port) = 150 € - 30% (labor) = 105 € !!!!
Address complaints / return parcel: COMPANY PIECES OCCAZ 47, rue du pont de papier 59258 CREVECOEUR SUR ESCAUT / FRANCE
Article IX - TRANSPORTATION / DELIVERY On delivery, the customer should always check the contents, compliance and condition of the package. Any damage must be notified by registered letter within 3 days to the carrier or mail. Deliveries refused or made to the wrong address will be a new delivery subject to payment of new postage. The transport of goods are the customer and at the risk of the recipient. In case of damage incurred during transportation, it is the recipient of any recourse against the carrier in accordance with Articles 105 and 106 of the Commercial Code. Delivery times are provided for information only and without commitment, although special deadlines have been agreed. The delay or failure of delivery can in no case give rise to damages or compensation of any kind.
Article X - RESERVATION The play remains the property of the company PIECES OCCAZ until full payment.
Article XI - SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES Any dispute relating to this sale will be lack of agreement, the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts which the registered office of the seller.

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